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What is a Hulless Oat?
Hulless oat varieties are uniquely different than conventional oat varieties. Hulless oats are similar to conventional oats in that they have a protective hull in their early growth phase, but then as the hulless oat reaches maturity, the protective hull begins to open and is removed during the thrashing process. What is left is the hulless oat groat without the protective hull. In addition, hulless oat varieties tend to be higher in protein and have higher relative feed value than conventional oats. Hulless oats are an excellent feed for most animals but have proven to be a great choice for the equine industry.

Hulless oats should not be confused with de-hulled conventional oats as they are not the same. De-hulling can damage the groat resulting in vitamin and mineral loss unless they are fed immediately.

The feed industry offers oats: rolled, crimped, steamed, and de-hulled. But any time the whole oat is compromised mechanically, it potentially starts to lose some of its nutritional value. Clean whole oats and clean hulless oats are the perfect feed naturally for horses. Why pay more for processed oats that will likely provide less nutritional value.

With improved breeding, the development of hulless oat varieties is providing the horse industry with a higher protein feed that is much safer than the premixed feeds, at a competitive price.
                        Easier to Digest - Higher Protein!