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Falk's Seed Farm
Food-Grade non-GMO Seed
Whether it's overseas or the domestic market, Falk's Seed Farm is moving organic and food-grade products to processors. Processors require certain specifications and Falk's Seed Farm has the experience to ensure strict quality procedures throughout the entire process.
Every customer's requirement is different, but we have the ability to load bags, totes, bulk, semi-trailers, or export containers. Falk's Seed Farm was the first company in the United States to use a robotic palletizer in the seed industry.
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Export Container with Soybeans headed to Korea
Vital Soybeans
Falk's Seed Farm has a great Tofu / Soy milk soybean.
Our Vital Soybeans are proven to have high protein and great processing characteristics making them a top choice of overseas and domestic processors looking for clear hilum non-GMO soybeans.
Organic Seed Food-Grade Seed