Services: Falk's Seed Farm
Professional Seed & Grain Conditioning
Robotic Palletizing @ 480 bags/hour
Phone: 320-875-4341
Fax: 320-875-4342
Falk's Seed Farm is the first company to install a robotic palletizer in the USA.
We installed our Columbia/Okura Robot in March of 2001 and we are still working with the same palletizing equipment today.
In 2007 Falk's Seed Farm converted to a fully automated cleaning technology utilizing PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) hardware and software. This technology puts in place integrated communication between bin sensors, PLC hardware, and the computer software to run different conditioning programs. Our two cleanings lines are both fully automated and can run at the same time.
We've been embracing technology for a long time, and now Falk's Seed Farm is one of the most advanced, state of the art, conditioning facilities anywhere with our fully automated controls.
Jim Falk